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Audio Team



Help plan, organize, lead, and implement the use of media technology in worship. This is not only in support of the worship experience but is to be an integral component of the worship experience every week. This includes but not limited to:


  • Leader – Manages and trains Production Team, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Create an environment that actively enhances the worship experience. 

  • Oversee the implementation of audio/visual aspects for services and events to ensure high quality and limit distractions. 

  • Set up the camera and laptop to share our services with our online viewers.   

  • Operate the soundboard, proclaim, and stage lights. 

  • Arrive on time every Saturday Afternoon at 1:00 pm to ensure that everything (camera(s), computer, stage lights, monitors) are setup and are working properly before 2:30 pm. 

  • Conduct soundcheck at 2:00 pm every Saturday with platform participants, musicians, and singers. 

  • Ensure that the Pastor and/or Guest Speaker is properly mic’d and checked prior to worship service or event. 

  • Work alongside communications/social media team 

  • Assist with live streaming of worship services and events to various church social media platforms 

  • Maintain and service equipment (cameras, computers, soundboard, church stage lights, etc.). 

  • Assemble and manage media needed for each service (video, soundtracks, proclaim, announcements, etc.) 

  • Church Stage Lights 

  • Responsible for directing and managing stage lighting  

  • Establish several lighting sequence that bring variety and interest to the stage utilizing complementary colors and effects.  

  • Upload sermon/worship programs to church website and other social media outlets. 


(Training will be provided for all new team members)  




This department is vital in helping to create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages for our congregation and community.  Our goal is to keep the church, community, and our online viewers connected to our church’s ministries, vision and mission. 

  • Leader – Manages and trains Communications & Social Media Ministry Team, holds Church Board Seat, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Important announcements and upcoming events will be sent out weekly to the members via text message, church website, Facebook, and other social media sites. 

  • Works closely with our web designer to create compelling graphics to support the messages and promotions of the church and help to keep our website and social sites updated, fresh, relevant, and user friendly. 

  • Manage content and real-time communication on all social media platforms 



  • Assist the church with implementing care for the facilities used for worship and fellowship.  

  • Conduct routine assessment and maintenance of heating and plumbing systems, the building's exterior, landscaping and the interior.   

  • Assist with assessing the needs that new construction, renovation or remodeling can meet to align improvements with the church vision and mission statements. 




Will seek to develop resources that foster the faith, spiritual growth and discipleship of children, aged from birth through twelve. 

  • Leader – Manages and trains Children’s Ministry Team, holds Church Board Seat, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Leader and team are responsible for planning the Children’s Bible Study group (Sabbath School) activities occurring every Saturday from 9:30-10:45 am. 

  • Manage Children check-in, registration, and safety protocols for all children’s programs, events, and meetings.  

  • Plan and implement our BEREAN KIDZ Church on monthly basis. 

  • Provide and utilize effective communication system with parents to relay updates, and encourage parental participation and involvement 

  • Assign Children Story tellers for Children Story for our Encounter Worship Service. 

  • Will promote and plan Vacation Bible School program annually. 

  • Will plan quarterly children social activities/events. 

  • Will organize and lead annual Children’s Day Program. 

  • Partner with ministerial department & business to provide children’s programs for various church events, evangelistic meetings, and outreach programs. 




The responsibilities of the person elected by the local church to be community services leader are as follows:  

  • Discover the needs of the community. A needs assessment of the area should be completed every two or three years by visual inspection; by talking with police, fire, mental health, human resources, and economic development authorities; by reviewing public information and the news media; and by conducting surveys. 

  • Mobilize a response to specific concerns. The community services leader is to help the church identify social concerns to which it feels called to respond. Usually this decision will be made by an official group such as the Church Ministries Council or Community Services Committee. Once the decision is made, the community services leader has the task of getting the word out and consistently encouraging the congregation to action.  

  • Develop programs. The community services leader will be asked to recruit volunteers and plan disaster response training and response activities; promote health screening events in collaboration with the Health Ministries Department; coordinate emergency assistance as identified and other relevant community-based initiatives.  

  • Establish cooperation. The community services leader is asked to work with other organizations in the community, so the church does not replicate services. Contracts have been negotiated at national levels with government agencies, the Red Cross and other nonprofit agencies, specifying what ACS will do in the event of major disasters and related to certain social problems. Similar agreements are needed in the local area. This means that the community services leader, or a church member appointed by the leader, will meet regularly with inter-agency committees to represent ACS.  

  •  Communicate. The community services leader is the individual the congregation expects to keep it posted about Adventist Community Service (ACS) activities; as well as provide information on current issues that may affect ministry with the community. He or she will also place announcements in the bulletin and church newsletter, maintain an informational bulletin board, and/or maintain current information on the website of the church. Leaders are also encouraged to share articles and pictures with the Union and Conference communication departments. The leader is to develop and widely distribute a comprehensive statistical report at least once a year. And most importantly, the community services leader maintains continuing communication with the pastor and local church board. 

  • Help to manage our food pantry program with Grace Place SDA Church.





The Deacons and Deaconesses serve the members and attendees of the church. The provide a sense of comfort and security for all those come through the doors. They also provide assistance service and management for special spiritual events and ceremonies such as communion, baptisms and funerals.


  • Leader (Head Deacon & Head Deaconess) – Manages and trains team, both hold Church Board Seat, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Monitor the church family room and offer care for those who may need special assistance 

  • May serve as greeters and ushers as needed.   

  • Assist the building management team with care and upkeep of church property.  

  • Join and assist the pastor and elders in visiting church members and connecting with the sick and shut-in 

  • Deacons – Care for security of those in attendance at church activities, always vigilant for the comfort and safety of all persons. 

  • Deacons – Assist with opening and closing the doors of the church  

  • Deacons - Collect tithes and offerings and assist with special offerings. 



  • The safety team is led by an appointed Deacon and assist the Deacons in providing security and safety interventions for the church. 

  • Individuals on this team arrive 30-45 minutes before a service start time. 

  •  The Safety Team helps to keep our facilities safe by being on the lookout for suspicious individuals, assisting individuals who experience an injury or medical episode, and alerting First Responders as needed.  

  • Be aware of and trained on use of First-Aid kit to administer First-Aid as needed 

  • Additional training is required to serve on this team. 



  • Serve as first face and source of information for all guests, members, and church attendees 

  • Individuals on this team arrive 45 minutes before a service start time. 

  • Greeters are located at various entry points of the church to warmly welcome guests and guide them to points of interest as needed. 



  • Individuals on this team arrive 90-120 minutes before a service start time.  

  • Provide welcome and information to all guests, members, and church attendees.  

  • Manage Welcome Guest Reception booths 

  • These First Impressions volunteers are stationed at and manage Guest Reception booths located in the main and side lobbies.   

  • Will provide guests with important church handouts (i.e. bulletin) and gifts for first-time guests. 


  1. USHERS 

  • Individuals on this team arrive 90-120 minutes before a service start time.  

  • Greet worshippers, making every attempt to help them feel welcome and at ease. 

  • Escort members and guests to seats. 

  • Distribute materials related to the service/meeting such as bulletins, hymnals, handouts, etc. 

  • Receive certain offerings, delivering them promptly to the treasury department of the church. 

  • Maintain an alertness for any emergency that may arise, relieving the need or contacting the person(s) needed to provide the proper assistance. 

  • Direct individuals out of the service/meeting in an orderly fashion (in most instances row by row), leaving the sanctuary ready for the next service or meeting. 



  • Individuals on this team arrive 90-120 minutes prior to a service start time. 

  • Greet all guests and worshipers with enthusiasm and friendliness. 

  • Each guest should receive a welcoming smile, a firm handshake, and help with doors, stairs, children, etc. 

  • We are here to make their visit a visit to remember. Watch body language—they will! 

  • Develop relationships with guests and members. 

  • Maintain a godly and professional appearance at all times. 

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the grounds, safety, and organization. 

  • Maintain full knowledge of our ministries, schedules, and other pertinent information. 

  • Ensure that guests have a positive and memorable WOW experience at Berean. 

  • H.E.L.L.O 

   ○ Hello 

   ○ Engage 

   ○ Listen 

   ○ Listen again 

   ○ Offer assistance 

  • Check the local weather forecast and come prepared to be outside for 30-45 minutes (i.e. wear cool clothes, heavy coat and scarf, rain gear, etc.) 

  • People believe you really care when you are out in the rain, snow or heat. 

  • Check in with the Head Deacon to find out your post for the service/event (outside/inside and post). 

  • Obtain a radio, parking vest and umbrella (if raining) from the Team Leader. 




Our goal is to promote an atmosphere of fellowship and love beyond our worship services.  We want our fellowship hall to be inviting, beautiful, and those serving friendly to our guests and members.

  • Leader – Lead Coordinator, appoints weekly team leaders and assist with food team coordination, creates vision and sets standards for all fellowship meals, and food service for church events, funerals, etc., holds Church Board Seat, manages church kitchen and pantry, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings, responsible for attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Work with Food team leaders to help plan menus, order food, kitchen supplies 

  • Oversee preparation of ovo-lacto-vegetarian meals  

  • Manage and organize food service, set-up and clean up for our weekly Sabbath meals in the fellowship hall, refreshments for evangelistic meetings, and for church events as requested.  



  • Berean Food Pantry provides healthy choices, including fresh produce and perishable foods, for low-income families seeking food assistance. 

  • Hours of Operation: Our clients are allowed to access the food pantry twice a month (every 1st & 3rd Sundays) from 4:00-7:00 PM EST. 

  • Our food pantry is driven by volunteers who help clients register, support them as they shop, and manage the logistics of food pick up, sorting, and stocking the shelves. For the clients, we use a grocery store model that allows people the ability to choose foods that fit their culture and lifestyle. Having the choice in food selection empowers clients, builds dignity and reduces wasted food because we do not give people items they cannot use.  

  • Volunteers are always needed: 

  • Drivers and riders 

  • Food Pantry receptionist 

  • Intake Interviewer 

  • Customer Assistants 

  • Check-out Support 

  • Shelves Stocker 



Pathfinders is a Christian coed scouting group of young people between grades 5-12 and a worldwide membership of over 2 million.  Here we explore with you things that may help you to excel in life and school.  The program is design to help you have a relationship with God and your fellow man/woman through activities of camping, community activities, Bible study and educational skills in a fun way.  If you want to learn more about the Berean Eagles Pathfinder and Drum Corps go to 

Club Ministry Description:

  • Programming. A large share of the Pathfinder Club’s time is involved in organizing Pathfinder Club programming. These include a wide variety of activities such as regular club meetings, Pathfinder Sabbath each year, social events, campouts, and outreach projects. The programming of the Pathfinder Club is designed to provide varied and interesting opportunities for children. The goal is to lead each child to a relationship with Jesus. 

  • Planning. The Pathfinder director develops a yearly calendar of activities and a budget. The Pathfinder Club staff gets involved by giving suggestions that might improve and expand on the ideas already presented. Major plans must pass the approval of the church board and it must coordinate with the program of the local conference. 

  • Recruiting and supervising. The Pathfinder director is responsible for recruiting staff to help with club activities. The Pathfinder Club staff is made up of volunteers: adults and youth. All staff are under the supervision of the Pathfinder director. 

  • Teaching. The Pathfinder director assists the young people in learning outdoor skills; developing spiritual values (which of course is of prime importance to us as a church), and serving in ways which could be beneficial in saving lives in their communities. Crafts are always an enjoyable part of the meetings and the Pathfinder director should be right there (along with her or his staff) to answer any questions pertaining to completing various projects assigned. 

  • Listening to parents and children. The effective Pathfinder director enjoys young people and can relate to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable around him. He or she should let them know by their actions and words that he/she is their friend and is there to listen to them when they have any problems, especially those of a spiritual nature. 

  • Communication. The Pathfinder director should make sure the children, parents and the entire church are made aware that there is a viable Pathfinder Club. The program should be promoted in all departments since there are areas of interest to all ages. 


BEREAN Youth ministries 

  • Leader – responsible for training and mentoring youth team, holds Board Seat, responsible for planning regular team meetings and participating in all departmental ministerial & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Put together a calendar listing all youth activities and events for the local church and see that these events get advertised in the church bulletin, website, social media sites, and on the church bulletin board. 

  • Work with your team to plan weekly Youth Services and Youth Day every 5th Saturday. 

  • Work with our Family Group Youth Facilitator to ensure that our young people are attending the group, participating, and growing spiritually. 

  • Promote and support the youth activities of the conference. 


Young Adult Ministries are geared towards fostering a community amongst young adults in their 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s. providing opportunity for connection, networking, spiritual, social, and professional growth. 

  • Organize Monthly Roundtable Mixer event 

  • Provide & Facilitate engaging opportunities for spiritual, social, and professional connecting and networking through events, activities, small groups, etc. 

  • Creatively connect and communicate with young adults within the church and the surrounding church community 

  • Collaborate with other ministry leaders to enhance and support young adult ministry. 



One of the most vital teams of the church, the Church Administrator and Clerk Team provide very detail-oriented and specific clerical support for the church.  

  • Leader (Church Administrator) – Manages and trains Clerk Team, holds Church Board Seat, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Minister to the congregation by documenting and maintaining the church records.   

  • Prepare and print the weekly church service bulletins and any other documents from the pastor, Lake Region Conference, and/or ministry leaders.  

  • Provide clerical and administrative support to the Pastor as needed. 

  • Work in close relationship with the pastor, other church leaders and members.  

  • Keep accurate minutes of church board and Family (business) meetings and submit information regarding your church to the Lake Region Conference on a regular basis.  

  • Manage church voicemail on a weekly basis.   

  • Keep track of the number of people that attend our weekly services.   

  • Keep record of our guests and provide mailed “Thank You” postcards and/or letters from the church within 48hrs.   

  • Provide sympathy cards signed by the pastor and members for those that have experienced loss and grief in our church. 



  • Family Life Leader – Chair Family Life Committee (compromised of Men’s, Women’s, Marriage, Single’s, and Senior Ministry  Leaders), hold Board Seat Position and act as liaison, responsible for leading regular occurring team/committee meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Ministry to families is a vital aspect of the overall mission of the Berean Seventh-Day Adventist Church. As the result of the fallen world in which we live, families are broken and in need of healing. In this ministry, we join with Jesus in his mission to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free (Luke 4:18). We accomplish this mission in the following ways: 

  • Safe places for authentic conversations: Each Tuesday evening at 7:00 EST, the church hosts a Christ-centered 12 Step group called Journey to Wholeness. This group has been functioning for several years as a place for persons who are struggling with various addictions and codependency to share their stories, be vulnerable and work through the 12 steps of recovery. The meeting is currently conducted in an online format using Zoom. All are welcome regardless of denominational affiliation or no church attendance at all. The Zoom link to the meeting is Meeting ID: 973 6373 9884. 

  • Family Ministry Nuggets: The Family Ministry leaders plan to present brief family ministry nuggets that would contain content on moving the individuals and families of Berean to a healthier place of functioning. Topics would include the following: listening and communication skills, assertive speaking, conflict resolution skills, healthy boundaries, stress management, parenting, and other that are suggested by the church family. These nuggets could be included in the weekly family newsletter or through other formats as agreed to by the church family. 

  • Family Ministry online events: The Berean SDA Church Family Ministries leaders speak often at various family ministry events online venues. These free resources are available for all to view at

  • Family Ministry social events: As the current COVID-19 pandemic permits, face-to-face events will be planned for the Berean Church family. To whatever extent possible, we will coordinate these events with other church families in order to build connections and strengthen the Body of Christ. 

  • Work closely with your team to help plan relevant programs for our men and women.


In addition, we seek to: 

  • Lead in reaching out to church visitors and families in the community, connecting them to the different ministries at Berean. 

  • Work with the Elder in charge to help plan our quarterly Friends & Family Day. 

  • Stay connected to the Lake Region Conference Family Life Ministry Department for events and resources. 



  • The women’s ministries leader and her team work together to brainstorm, develop strategies, network, and assist in planning and implementing programs and activities relevant to women’s specific and varied needs. 

  • Develop programs. The women’s ministries leader works with the women’s ministries committee and the pastor to develop and implement programs and seminars and networks with existing support groups or makes appropriate referrals. Special needs include support groups for abused women, senior citizens, single-parents, teens, substance abuse, empty-nest syndrome, and child abuse, seminars on stress management, grief recovery, parenting skills, self-improvement, spiritual care, etc. Other activities may include prayer breakfasts, Women’s Day, Heart Call Ministry, literacy program, day care, and programs for the community elderly. 

  • Interacts with the conference women’s ministries department. This includes filing regular statistical reports and calendar items and participation in conference women’s ministries training events. 




This ministry is geared towards encouraging and facilitating meaningful spiritual, mental, social and emotional growth among the men of the church. To foster meaningful relationships, provide mentorship to young men, to meet unique felt needs of men, and to create a safe and productive community for men in our church and surrounding community. 

  • Leader – serves as member of Family Life Committee, representing and acting liaison for Men’s Ministry. Responsible for participating in Family Life Committee meetings and events as scheduled/needed 

  • Develop and conduct on a periodic basis a wide variety of programs and activities that will meet the various contemporary needs of a diverse male constituency. 

  • Communicate with the church Clerk and Pastor when scheduling programs. 

  • Serve as the conference men’s ministries representative to the local church. 

  • When requested assist the conference director in planning meetings that are for the benefit of all the men of the conference. 

  • Serve as a communicator of news of interest to men that is disseminated from the division, union, and conference men’s ministries programs. 

  • Mentor someone else in this ministry. 

  • Report to the family ministry committee and/or church board. 




The goal of the Married Couples Ministry is to strengthen marriages through Biblical principles, increase our understanding of husband and wife roles in God's order, and understand the role of the family in the church. 

  • Coordinator – serves as member of Family Life Committee, representing and acting liaison for Married Couple’s Ministry. Responsible for participating in Family Life Committee meetings and events as scheduled/needed.  

  • Actively connect and communicate with married couples   

  • Organize and facilitate the Sacred Marriage small group to help couples build and spiritually maintain their relationships.  

  • Plan an annual couple’s retreat/banquet and monthly fellowship events to help build and support marriages. 


Stay connected to the Lake Region Conference Family Life Ministries Department for ongoing events and resources for Conference wide marriage ministry. 


The focus of Berean singles is to provide opportunities for singles of all ages to connect to Christ and to one another. 

  • Singles Ministry Coordinator - Serve as member of the Family Life Committee and acting liaison for Singles Ministry. 

  • This ministry provides a variety of ways for single Christians to serve, get together for social activities, and understand what it means to be a follower of Christ as a SOLO ADULT. Newcomers are always welcome! 

  • Provide and organize social and spiritual opportunities and events geared towards ministry to singles.  



  • Senior Ministry Coordinator - Serve as member of the Family Life Committee and acting liaison for Singles Ministry. 

  • To reach older adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • To increase the local church body’s awareness of and concern for its older members. 

  • To provide seniors with Biblical answers to their problems. 

  • To promote among senior’s spiritual growth and dependence on God for comfort and peace. 

  • To promote the church’s full utilization of the skills and abilities of seniors. 

  • To fully integrate seniors into the church body to make them as much a part of the church as younger members. 

  • To provide seniors with opportunities for fellowship with one another. 



The most important objective of health ministry is to help men and women, young and old, reach their full potential, mentally, spiritually and physically by implementing health principles into their lives.  At Berean, we’re here to help you create your holistically healthy life. 


  • Leader (Health Ministries Coordinator) – Manages and trains Health Ministry Team, holds Church Board Seat, responsible for leading regular occurring team meetings and attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Work with the Health Team coordinator to help keep church members aware of the importance of health and educating new members on the significance of health and temperance. 

  • Plan monthly fun healthy activities for the church and the community. 

  • Radio Broadcasts: Radio/online health educational forums are planned to facilitate health in the South Bend Community. 


  • Plan our annual Community Health Fair, Fall Walkathon, & Mental Health Awareness Day. 


  • Promote the importance of education (Christian and Public). 

  • Work closely with the Education Director for the Lake Region Conference and other local Home & School leaders to plan for regular meetings for parents, teachers, and other interested church members during the school year. 

  • Look for creative ways to help raise funds for items such as audio-visual aids, library resources, computers, scholarships, etc. 

  • Establish an active After-School program for kids.



  1. ELDER  

An Elder is Committed to God, to His Word, prayer, and His people The Elders work closely with the pastor to help the church fulfill its mission and vision. They provide spiritual guidance and support to the members and directly assist the pastor with evangelism and outreach. 


  • Leader (Head Elder) – Is acting Ministerial Leader when Pastor is not present, provides training for new elders and assists pastor with ongoing elder training, holds Church Board Seat, responsible for attending ministerial department & business meetings as scheduled. 

  • Actively visit members in their homes, hospital, and encourage others to do so, and assist in the training of prospective new members. 

  • Provide mentorship for ministry leaders as assigned by the pastor. 

  • Assigned a month to assist the worship team in planning the weekly Sabbath worship services. 

  • Will be appointed by the pastor to preach and lead any of our worship services, prayer meetings, or events. 

  • Will be committed to the outreach of the church and help the Outreach Team plan our monthly outreach projects. 

  • Provide unity among the various programs of the church, communicates progress to the church board and encourages a unified mission. 



  • Holds Board Seat 

  • Plan, organize and lead the music ministry. 

  • Provide inspiring and motivational music ministry during all worship services. 

  • Teach, coach and mentor all music ministry team members (including the musicians) to become lifelong learners with respect to their musical talents as well as their spiritual development. 

  • Collaborate weekly with Pastor and Elder in Charge to select all worship music for services. 

  • Arrange for and prepare music components for special worship programs for our Evangelistic meetings, Communions, Christmas cantata, etc. 

  • Manage all musicians and fees related to musicians. 

  • Oversee all musical groups: i.e. praise teams, choirs, etc. 

  • Oversee and/or Coordinate all rehearsal schedules. 



  • Skillfully select, teach, and execute all praise and worship music for all Berean service and events.  

  • Teach, sing with and/or lead songs with choirs/ensembles as requested. 

  • Independently manage praise team rehearsals (weekly and/or bi-weekly. 

  • Manage all administrative duties related to the praise team. (Schedules attire & etc.) 

  • Meet with Minister of Music and Pastor as requested for the planning/execution of excellent presentations. All music should connect to the speaker’s sermon and worship theme. 

  • Provide the band and Media team with song lists and lyrics (formatted for singing) and any other visuals days before the service. 

  • Build the praise team spiritually, numerically and vocally. Develop quality leaders and singers. 



  • Meets weekly with the Elder in Charge for each month and the Pastor to help plan meaningful and powerful weekly worship services. 

  • Assign people to participate in the weekly worship program.   

  • Ensure that all participants are educated on their duties ahead of time and are present at 10:30 am every Sabbath (Saturday) to go over the worship flow.  

  • Always looking for ways to make every service impactful and spirit-filled. 



  • Assist with stage set up, stage set décor as needed. 

  • You will help keep stage neat and clean at all times.  

  • Organize (before and after services) all mic and monitor cables. 

  • Organize and adjust mic stands for various groups (Choir, children, praise team, and speakers) throughout the service 

  • Lower all mic stands before the sermon.   



  • You will work with Church ministry leaders and their team to develop a plan for outreach and soul-winning.   

  • You will help plan monthly relevant outreach events beyond the walls of the church.   

  • You will follow-up with those we have touched and connected with in the church’s surrounding community (weekly/monthly). 

  • Your task is to help the church members use the unique opportunities and spiritual gifts that God has given to each to accomplish His will (TOUCH 10K program) 



  • Pray and lead others to pray. 

  • Work closely with the pastor and other church leadership to setup and manage prayer activities, events, small prayer groups, and a prayer room. 

  • Update, maintain and circulate the church monthly prayer list. 

  • Calendar all prayer events and training during the yearly planning process. 

  • Stay current on state, national and international prayer needs and opportunities. 

  • Support the initiatives of our Conference Prayer Coordinator. 

  • Pray with your team on a weekly basis for the outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our worship services, participants, and those that are deciding to accept Jesus as their Savior. 



  • The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make disciples for Christ. It includes the nurture of spiritual growth in members and prospective members, as well as the unchurched who come to join in the fellowship, study, sharing and service.  

  • The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but to train those members to minister to others. The Sabbath School is a school of Christian living, not just an event on Sabbath mornings. It can include Bible study small groups that meet at other times also. Its purpose is evangelistic, not ritualistic. 


Duties of the Sabbath School Coordinator: 

The ministry to which a person is called when he or she becomes general coordinator of the Sabbath School can be described in the following ways: 

1. Developing leadership. You will supervise all the leaders of the Sabbath School and encourage them to evaluate the effectiveness of their division/class in meeting the goals of the church. You should make arrangements for them to get the training, support, and resources they need. 


2. Chairing the Sabbath School committee. This group includes the superintendent, assistant superintendents, secretary, assistant secretaries, division leaders, Investment secretary, adult class leaders and an elder (In some churches the personal ministries leader and youth leader are included). The committee should meet monthly to build teamwork. 


3. Building a strong evangelistic agency. Help your team develop a growing, caring fellowship and an excellent learning environment. 


4. Recruiting volunteers. There is a constant need to find helpers for every aspect of the Sabbath School. You are the person who must take the initiative to identify potential helpers, personally invite them to get involved, and assist them in getting started. 


5. Planning ahead. It will be your responsibility to help your Sabbath School leaders plan ahead and to participate in the total planning process of the church board and/or church ministries council. You will want to be familiar with the policies and plans of the North American Division of the General Conference, and your local conference church ministries department. 



We value fellowship and fun beyond the worship service. 

  • Leader: organize and lead social ministry team, holds Board Seat, responsible for coordinating regular social ministry team meetings and attending ministerial department meetings as scheduled.  

  • The social ministry team led by the Social Ministry Coordinator, takes a hands-on approach to creating and facilitating fun and engaging social events that bring people together in our church and in our community.  Family game nights, annual Church picnic, and Church Community Block Party, are just a few of our great social events. 



  • Plan and/or conduct stewardship classes. 

  • Creatively encourage the church to be faithful to God with their time, talents, treasurers, and temple (body) every 1st and 3rd Sabbaths. 

  • Serves on the Finance Committee to assist in helping to develop funding resources to achieve the local church growth strategy and prepare and review the church’s yearly budget. 



  • Tithes and offerings. The treasurer receives the tithes and offerings which come in on Sabbath morning or to the church office during the week. It is a generally accepted safeguard to have two or more count the loose offerings as soon as possible after they have been received before the money is turned over to the treasurer. Ideally, the church will make provision for the safekeeping of the church monies in a safe in the church office or arranging to use a bank deposit box.

  • Receipting. All funds received should be receipted as soon as possible. The offering envelopes are opened and checked to see that each amount received tallies with what is written on the envelope. All the receipts are then posted in the church ledger by computer. The keeping of these records is vital not only for the auditor who will be checking them each year, but for the members as well, who may need a list of their contributions. 

  • Banking. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to deposit church monies in a local bank. Of course, this must be in a separate account from that of the church treasurer’s personal account. The account should be opened in the name of the local church according the requirements of national and local law. 

  • Records. The treasurer needs to forward a copy of the church ledger pages to the conference each month. This list of the month’s receipts should be accompanied by a check covering the amount of tithe given and the offerings received that were designated for the conference, union, or General Conference projects. 

  • Personal receipts. The receipts for tithes and offerings given by the members should be distributed to them on a regular basis in the manner the local church has agreed upon. Some churches do this quarterly while others have worked out a system to mail them out on a yearly basis. There is no strict rule for this procedure. 

  • Accounts payable. Authorization for the disbursing of church funds for church operation is generally given in the annual church budget. Special projects or items not in the budget must be authorized by the church board or by a church business meeting. 

  • Financial statements. The treasurer should prepare a monthly financial statement and distribute copies to the church board at their meeting. This statement should include the balance status of all budgeted accounts, as well as the totals received in tithes and offerings and a detailed record of all disbursements made. 


The Berean Seventh-Day Adventist Health Ministries

The body mind and the spirit all agree.  When we decide to be healthy, we may make our lives happy.  Although there are often challenges for you being your best you, the Bible teaches that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  At Berean, we’re here to help you create your holistically healthy life.  N.A.T.U.R.E.S. 8 is an acronym that teaches eight basic health principles.  Please click on the links below to learn the health principles.  

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